Senate Bills

Disclosure and Requirements

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  1. SENATE BILL 534

Florida Senate Bill 534 adopted in May 2013 requires pension plans to disclose information for publicly-funded retirement plans.  Miami GESE is providing the information below to comply with the requirements of Senate Bill 534.  However, the information required by Senate Bill 534 is just one measure of the funded condition of the Miami GESE plan and should not be viewed as an indication of the plan’s ability to pay future benefits.  The plan follows Florida pension funding rules to maximize the protection of public employee retirement benefits, to assure the plan is funded on a sound financial basis and to assure sufficient assets are available to pay retirement benefits.

  1.   SENATE BILL 534
    1. Actuarial Summary Fact Sheets
    2. For the Florida Department of Management and Services/ Local Retirement plans/Summary Fact Sheet Please click link below:

  1. Actuarial Summary Fact Sheets- GESE Plan
  2. Actuarial Summary Fact Sheets-EXCESS Plan
  3. Actuarial Summary Fact Sheets-STAFF Plan
  4. Actuarial Disclosures- As of October 1, 2018 Actuarial Valuation

Five Years Actual and Assumed Rates of Return and Investment Allocations as of September 30, 2018

  1. Miami GESE Actuarial Valuation FY 2018
  2. Miami GESE Excess Actuarial Valuation FY 2018
  3. Miami GESE Staff Actuarial Valuation FY 2018