Transfer of

Sick & Vacation Payout /Accumulated Leave

Members eligible to receive accumulated sick leave, accumulated vacation leave or any other accumulated leave payable upon retirement or separation may elect, not later than the year prior to the year of retirement, to have the leave transferred to the GESE Trust.  Members who fail to elect a transfer in the year prior to retirement or other separation will receive payment from the City in a lump sum at time of separation with all required tax consequences.  

 Accumulated Leave Form 

Members may elect one of the following options within 30 days of separation. Members failing to elect a distribution option within 30 days of separation will be deemed to have elected Option 1 below: 

Option 1 – Receive a lump sum equal to the transferred leave balance, or 
Option 2 – Transfer the entire amount of the transferred leave balance directly to any eligible retirement plan, or
Option 3 – Purchase additional service credit as permitted by the Code. If the leave balance exceeds the cost of the service credit purchased, the balance shall be paid to the member in a lump sum.

If a member dies after retirement or other separation, but before any distribution is made, the election option is void.  In such an event, any person who would have received a death benefit had the member died in service immediately prior to the date of retirement or other separation, will be entitled to receive an amount equal to the transferred leave balance in a lump sum.  In the case of a surviving spouse or former spouse, an election may be made to transfer the leave balance to an eligible retirement plan in lieu of the lump sum payment.  Failure to make such an election by the surviving spouse or former spouse within 60 days of the member’s death will be deemed an election to receive a lump sum payment.