Participation in the GESE Trust is a mandatory condition of employment for all employees except for those employees who are precluded from participation in the Plan pursuant to the City of Miami Code Section 40-351.  Employees working in the office of an elected official have the ability to opt out of participation in the Plan.

Pursuant to the City of Miami Code Section 40-249, any regular, permanent, and full-time  employee of the City of Miami (the “City”) other than a fire fighter or police officer becomes a member upon employment unless he/she is a member of any other pension or retirement system supported wholly or in part by the City.

An employee will cease to be a member if he or she is absent from service for more than three years of any five consecutive year period, withdraws his or her contributions, becomes a member of any other City-sponsored retirement plan or system, or dies.

Membership Service is the service as an employee for which contributions to the GESE Trust are made as required.

Executives are not allowed to join the GESE plan effective October 22, 2009, according to Ordinance # 13112